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It has come to my attention this past week that I am possessed by a deity of misfortune. Perhaps the fantastic luck I experienced in my youth is finally being revoked in favor of balance within the greater universe. Or perhaps someone decided it's about time everything breaks on me. Whatever the reason, I've been set back quite a bit now.

When my friend's tablet came to me, it wasn't working. After having it looked at, we came to the conclusion that I did nothing wrong and, when tech support said the only solution was to send the thing in for repairs, I gave up.

A few days ago, just as I was thinking "I should back up my data" and was making plans to get my sister to take me to get something with which to do just that, my darling Cornelius's hard drive crashed and now all of my data is in limbo. While that may not seem entirely terrible at first, since I can just snatch my pictures off of dA and keep them on this new drive, it bears mentioning that most of what I work on has never been uploaded anywhere. At all. Ever. That includes comic scripts and concept art that I use for reference on various projects-in-progress half-finished scribbles that I just thought were cute and wanted to hold onto. Oh, and my pretty font collection. And my music. And some stories I'd written but never posted anywhere because they needed some seriously heavy editing.
All things I never backed up before because I didn't have anywhere to store them, money with which to get a thing to store them on, or the ability to pay for an online service (and don't mention those free services because I have way more than any will allow me to hold; I looked it up).
It figures that, when I finally am able to save all of my information on something other than my computer, it decides to up and quit on me.

And of course, everyone I told about the situation decided to be the first to say "This is why you should back up your data" as if I didn't know. It gets old fast.

Let this be a lesson: should something happen and you lose all of your precious information, DO NOT TELL ANYONE EVER. They will all tell you that thing you already know.

Maybe someone can work magic and save some of the data but for now, it's in limbo.

As for what I lost, specifically:
All of my art from the tail end of 2007 up, much of which can't be found anywhere (thank the stars; you don't need to see that)
My entire music collection, which I can probably get back from my sister (not a big deal but it's a bit inconvenient)
All of my job's files (many of which are in Google Drive, but a good chunk of the psd files are no longer available)
All of my short stories and a couple of longer projects that I was planning to edit
The original files and the new files for Willow's story, which I was in the process of redrawing (however, I have paper copies of the redraw sketches so I can do those over again)
Everything I was working on for TWHNN (which never had a physical copy anywhere) and The Empty King (so I need to write and draw the fifth chapter again; I was about 20% done with it so that hurts)
Notes and plans for a few other comics, all but one of which (thank the stars) have physical sketches in books throughout my room

If there is a bright side, let me know. In the meantime, while I rebuild my font collection and retrieve what pictures of mine still exist on the internet and with some friends, I'm going to sulk for at least three more days.


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I draw a lot digitally and like to write stories.
People tell me I'm good at it.

A friend once called me "Lord of the Bishounen" because most of my characters are male and very pretty.
My boys are much less sparkly than most anime pretties, though. Take it or leave it, I guess.

I'm kind of lame.

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